Thursday, January 28, 2010


rindu kat c sangat.* would like to see him one of these days. is almost texted him.

spider: hi dear. just thinking of you.hope u r ok

c: hi yang. im ok. how was the trip to *****? hope i could see u in **** and talk about it.

spider: the trip went well though the schedule was rather hectic. yes, im hoping to see u too. dont know when. miss u very much

c: pls do call me if u r in ****. miss u so much too. hope we can fix that soon.

spider: i will do that. bye dear

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

silent treatment

my girls are giving me the silent treatment. i wonder how long it will last this time.

spider: hi dear thks for the call. it was nice of u to remember my no:00miss u

c: hi. so sorry i couldnt call u again just now. still in meeting just now. will call u again probably tmrw. bye dear. miss u

Friday, January 8, 2010

at last

c: hi dear, thinking of u right now. fyi, im working in ipoh right now. this is my new no. miss u. c

spider: nice no. if u r not too busy, can i call u later?

c: by all means. cant wait for your call.


spider: good to talk to u after all this while.

c:same here. really nice talking to u.
i will call u next week.

spider: just text me. that is very good already.
take care n i miss u

c: hearing your voice is so much better
talking to you today really makes my day.
miss u