Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I attended a motivational talk by a well-known speaker. Something that she said kind of stuck in my head. 'siapa yang suami tak sayang, Allah tak sayang dia' . Hmm...macam tu ye. I am pretty sure that husband does not love me. He said to me once, 'I don't like you!' I assume if you dont like somebody, it is difficult for you to love the person. Poor me... I am definitely at the losing end here :(
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunch @RnR

We stopped by at the RnR for lunch. My girls followed me. I bought nasi, ikan goreng, sayur and sambal belacan with kuah ikan patin. I dont like the ikan patin. The girls kept on asking, cukup ke duit ma? Cukup, sayang. My food cost RM6. Girl 1 just had nasi and sayur with kuah asam pedas, RM2. Share ikan goreng ma, she said. Girl 2 had ma**i hotcup for RM2. Habis RM10. Then I minta duit untuk beli air. Rupanya, husband just gave RM10. I thought he gave us RM20. No wonder my girls kept asking if the money was enough for our meals. Haha..baru I faham. Husband said, RM5 sorang. Sampai hati not to include me in the matematik.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

It saddens me when Husband does not appreciate what I am doing for the family. He keeps on saying that I am kedekut pahit. Well, I dont think I am kedekut. I makes me sad and sakit hati when he kept on repeating that infront of my children. Well, it is alright if he never says thank you, but dont lah keep on repeating 'your mother is kedekut'. I dont like to mengungkit and when I do something I dont blow my own trumpet. At the same time I dont like it when people take me for granted. Hahh...
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Money Talk

This month is going to be a difficult month for me. Money wise that is. The annual insurance premium for the children, replacement of the tyres for the car, spending spree for the children during school holidays. I also bought a property recently. I have to dig into my savings as the amount is touching 150K. For a person like me that is a lot. Alhamdulillah, I dont have to 'borrow' my children's money. That would be the last resort though. The investment I made using the little money that I have is beginning to show some good returns ;) Thanks to Honey, my exclassmate who acts as my financial advisor. I feel comfortable talking about money issues with Honey as she helps me with the financial planning for my children. I want them to start saving and investing early. I am trying to help them have a good head start in life. At least kalau nak kawin tu(for my boy) adalah duit. Takut nanti nak kawin tak berduit- buat maksiat pulak....
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