Saturday, July 16, 2011


i had a very nice outing with my kids today. as usual husband was busy to tag along. we had a splendid time, nevertheless. we went shopping at KL**. i bought myself some nice stuff. things that i really like. seronoknya. i desperately needed the shopping therapy. i am feeling much better now...smiling from ear to ear :)

Selamat Menyambut NISFU SYAABAN
semoga diberkati ALLAH sentiasa.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

a stalker i am

yes, i just stalked my xbf in fb. the one i saw recently at the mall. yes, the one wearing ketayap. hehe..

apparently he has been very busy. busy busy busy. from his wall post, i found out that he is quite active politically. yes, at the other side of the fence. interesting. i bet he attended the bersih rally.

banyak le post post tazkirah yang i baca. come to think about it, xbf had always been quite religous. he always observed the prayer times even when he visited my house when we were students abroad.

he posted this on his wall...

Wall Photos
Isteri Yg Baik

* Nikahi suaminya bukan kerana harta atau dunia
* Sentiasa sedar sy...urga dibawah tapak kaki suaminya
* Taat semua perintah suami yg bukan maksiat
* Tak bangkang kata2 suami dan tidak meninggi suara
* Meminta ampun setiap kali suami keluar pergi bekerja dan waktu pulang
* Menyediakan semua keperluan suami seperti memasak dll
* Menemani suami makan sekalipun dirinya berpuasa
* Tidak menjamah makanan melainkan setelah suami mula dahulu
* Sentiasa memasak makanan yg digemari suami
* Sentiasa berada disisi suami bila suami dirumah
* Rumah sentiasa kemas dan bersih
* Berhias hanya utk suami dgn solekan dan pakaian tercantik
* Tidak suka mengunkitSee More
By: Ustaz XXXX ( Original )


Monday, July 4, 2011

house hunting, again?

mrG brought home pamphlet jual rumah. he gave it to my daughter. my daughter gave it to me.yes, that is how mrG communicates with me. via other people.

mrG is pushing me to buy property under my name. the house we are staying now is under his name. well, we brought it together initially. however, due to certain reason, my name was dropped from the S&P Agreement.

i always regard the house as mine, too. harta sepencarian. somehow lately i have the impression that mrG wants me to have a house under my name. as if it would be easier for him to get me out of this house if i have somewhere to go.

yes, he wants to kick me out!

hmm...what should i do?


i sold my house 2 years ago. i am basically homeless now.