Friday, August 19, 2011

basuh kain

since i diberi cuti solat, i decide to update my blog while listening to the tok imam from the nearby surau and supervising my girls studying for their ujian next week.

i am going to write about a mischievous action i just did..:))

husband is very rajin. everyday (almost) he would rendam his shirts and hand wash them. i told him it was not necessary to do that. i had bought a canggih washing machine with various functions, "soak, delicate, blanket etc....just press the right button.

hai, di antara kerja yang paling i tak suka adalah basuh/berus tangan baju dan menggosok baju.

of course, husband won't listen to me...he is adamant about hand washing his shirts. dulu masa ada maid, tak ada masaalah. bila tak bermaid..jadi masaalah le pulak.

so i just let him do it. after some times, the issue becomes something big.
so, whenever sempat, i will hand wash his shirts.

i sendiri hardly hand wash my bajus....i use the "delicate" function of the machine.

just now, i put his soaked shirts in the washing machine. by the the time he reached home from tarawih, i will already hang them to dry. actually, the suggestion to use the washing machine came from my girl.

hopefully, i won't be caught red handed, tonite!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


husband just called me "pemalas".

hmm...may be there is some truth to the statement.

earlier, he asked me what was i going to cook for berbuka. i replied that i was going to goreng ikan and masak sayur. he already brought home ayam masak merah, sambal belacan, sayur campur. plus murtabak and nasi dagang and ondeh-ondeh and 2 tubs of bubur lambuk.

i didn't see the need for me to cook something elaborate. cukup le apa yang ada. after all, i reached home at 6pm after a long hard day in the office.

buat apa nak membazir. jadi kawan syaitan.

and he called me pemalas in front of the children because i was only going to goreng ikan and tumis sayur. tak patut sungguh :(

i programmed my brain to just ignore the statement though deep down i was so geram.

i just kept quiet.