Thursday, August 18, 2011


husband just called me "pemalas".

hmm...may be there is some truth to the statement.

earlier, he asked me what was i going to cook for berbuka. i replied that i was going to goreng ikan and masak sayur. he already brought home ayam masak merah, sambal belacan, sayur campur. plus murtabak and nasi dagang and ondeh-ondeh and 2 tubs of bubur lambuk.

i didn't see the need for me to cook something elaborate. cukup le apa yang ada. after all, i reached home at 6pm after a long hard day in the office.

buat apa nak membazir. jadi kawan syaitan.

and he called me pemalas in front of the children because i was only going to goreng ikan and tumis sayur. tak patut sungguh :(

i programmed my brain to just ignore the statement though deep down i was so geram.

i just kept quiet.

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Aku said...

alamak.... nafsu je tu. dah minum air segelas, dah tawar hati nak makan... itu aku.