Friday, May 7, 2010

apr 21

c: hi dear, thinking of u right now. miss u so much

spider: hi syg, so nice to hear that. im home, got back frm miri last night. will let u know when i am in town. miss u always.

c: couldnt wait for the day i can see u nanti, sayang. call me when u are free. miss hearing your voice.

apr 23

spider: hi sayang. hopefully you will have the chance to come to ipoh. just thinking of u right now. miss u hon.

ring ring...i called c up from as airport

apr 25

spider: hi dear.wish we could meet up but my girl is with me. enjoy your sunday. miss u so much, dear

c: hi hon. im going to spright now for mb"s function. sun pun kerja. should be done by noon. enjoy your visit to your mom"s place. hope we can catch up later. luv u

hmmm......that was the first time c used the words " luv U"

apr 30

spider: dear, wish u were near

c: hi sayang. sorry lambat reply your last sms. anyway, miss u dearly. bye, honey.

spider: hi dear, no worries. miss u, too