Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Again

FMC has not been speaking to me since the incident on Sunday. Letih betul macam ni. I better start looking for a new house to buy. I just sold my own house last year and now I am basically menumpang duduk kat his house. Sad kan. I have the feelings that anytime now I can be thrown out of the house.

I pun dah malas nak cerita sebab memang tak ada isu besar pun. Diam aje lah. Tunggu..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This conversation took place at the back seat of a car.

Mom: Twin1, do you love Twin2?

Twin1: Nope, I don't love her.

Mom: Twin2, do you love Twin1?

Twin2: No, I hate her!!!<(Screaming on top of her lung)

Twin1&Twin2: Ha..ha..ha..kah..kah...kah...

The reality is they love each other to bits.
And that is really very sweet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bedah The Plumber

A close friend, Bedah told me that the hubby is now jobless. He could not manage work pressure and tendered his resignation last month. As simple as that.

Bedah is furious. She felt betrayed by the hubby. She is now the sole breadwinner.
With the current economic climate, finding another job is not going to be easy.

Bedah also told me that over the weekend she had successfully fixed a water leakage (dekat water tank - atas ceiling) problem at home with the help of his son. The hubby did nothing to help.

Before that, the glass of the sliding door broke. Bedah berada di luar daerah kerana bekerja. The hubby did nothing the whole week. He waited for the wife to come back. When Bedah got home, she found a contractor to fix the problem.

I never have that kind of problem with FMC. He is terribly good in that department. He ensures that the home is safe and comfortable for the family. He gets pissed off if somebody leaves the door open or forgets to lock the gate. He will be the plumber when there is any leakage and changes the bulb whenever the needs arise.

He is definitely very protective of his children.

Ran Wild

This morning, I went to this new kopitiam near my office with my friend, Z.
The one who is having the cyber affair I wrote about before...

We both have been terribly busy that we did not have time to catch up with each other for months. So I asked her about her latest development over our Iced Ipoh White coffee.

Apparently, the "affair" has cool down a bit since her husband is back from abroad early this year.

Z also confided that she actually did something terribly stupid during their marathon telephone conversation and webcamming session which took place in her bedroom late at night.

"How stupid?, I asked.

"You don't want to know!", she answered.

Hmm, I let my imagination ran wild for sometime...

Friday, April 3, 2009


C called me yesterday. I didn't expect to hear from him so soon.

I told him about the message from the misterious sender. He was quite concerned.
He felt responsible for getting me in "trouble". I told him not to worry.

There are still a lot of questions I want to ask C. Particularly on the wife.
I am very curious about her. I bet she must be somebody special for C to fall for her and let her be the mother of his children. Hmm....

As for me, whenever C wanted to know about FMC, I quickly put a stop to the question. He..he

Then, we talked about the next meet.

C: When can I see you again?

spider: Not so soon. Let's do it quarterly...

C: Nay, you mean I can only see you in June?

spider: Yeah. End of June.

C: Wow, that's like 3 months away, dear...

spider: Tak pe lah...

The truth to the matter is I want to see you everyday.
Only, that is not quite possible.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sape pulak ni???

Hi dear,
So we finally got to meet. Tak sangka pula boleh jadi...
I really appreciate you taking the trouble to come over to S9 to see me.

It was really nice talking to you and indeed time flew rather quickly.
Ada banyak benda nak tanya, tapi tak keluar. Biasa la.
Maybe the next time we meet (ada ke next time? ),
we can ajak AB or even BN/HD to join us.

I managed to pick up my kids on time, so no long faces from them.
I hope you reached home safe and sound considering it rained heavily.

I am not quite sure if this mail will find its way to you.
I just wanna wish you all the best and I doakan yang bagus-bagus untuk u.

Remember me sometimes...
Bye dear.


My dear spider,

It was great meeting you that day.
I'm pretty sure that there will be a next time.
I'll make sure of that if you don't mind.

You know what, I have the same problem that day,
that I kind of tongue tied. But I really appreciate the pictures.
Finally I got to see them but I wish there were more.

Thank you for the doa2 from you.

I will always remember you. I'll call or email you from my new email address from time to time. Wish I could take you for lunch at XXX tu. They serve makanan pedas2.

Bye my dear spider.


I also got a disturbing text message from a misterious sender.

Aiyoo, pegi dating tak ajak kita je..Bbye

I tried calling the number, but nobody answered.

Sape pulak ni???