Monday, March 29, 2010

we'll see...

c: hi dear. thinking of u right now. hope your visit to ****will be a reality. miss u

spider: hi dear. we will see about that. would like to meet u very much. it has been so long. miss u, too

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hi syg

im beat. got home just in time to catch the new season of my favorite series, desperate housewives. very interesting indeed. rindu teramat kat c.

spider: wish you were near

then,i got a missed call from him.

spider: hi dear,sorry that i missed your call. i assumed it was u...i'm still in penang n abt to board the flight back to kl. been here since sunday. miss u.

c: hi syg. it was me. rindu nak dengar your voice. anyway, talked to ben about u. may be i can call u tomorrow. miss u deare

i really miss him. want to see c, talk to him. wishful thinking, indeed

Thursday, March 18, 2010

bye syg


c: couldnt stop thinking abt u today. miss u dear

spider: same here, dear. thinking abt u n missing u. i hope u r ok overthere. im good. sibuk sendiri. bye syg

c: tks for replying. im kinda ok here. hope we can meet soon.bye to u too, sayang


spider: have a good nite. dear

c: nice to hear from u. miss u dearly. sweet dreams. dear

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

miss u dearly, my dear

chicago: sorry for bothering u. saje je call u td. just want to hear
your lovely voice. nak kurangkan tension sikit.

spider: tension lagi ke? take a deep breath, close your eyes n count
your blessings. i miss u too

chicago: biasalah. work related tension. your voice would
dfntly cure the problem.anyway, nice to hear frm u, dear

spider: yelah tu. i believe u :)) wanted to return your call but at the same time
didnt want to disturb u. take it easy dear.

chicago: my dear, your call would never disturb me ever. trust me.
take care of yourself too. miss u, dearly.