Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hon pulak...

last night

spider: hi dear. u r on my mind.

chicago: miss u too, hon. r u in ***** now? call me when u r free.

spider: yes, dear. i'm still in **. going back tmrw night.
i will surely call u di waktu yg i rasa sesuai nanti ;))

chicago: ok hon. tried to call u just now. u didnt answer.
anyway, miss u so much. call u nanti, k.

spider: so it was u. didn't recognize the no. sorry. miss u very much too.
nantinanti i call. goodnite.

chicago: goodnite hon. sweet dreams. i'll be dreaming of u tonite.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


there are some things that cannot be undone..sigh sigh.

i chatted via bbm with matp last night. he was in stockholm. i was all alone on a king sized bed in a posh hotel somewhere. we got carried away in our communication. reminiscing those days many-many years ago. memories of our relationship flooding back. the trips we took, the things we did. ughhh. i wish we didnt discussed all that. urghh....urghhh...what to do.

i was plain bored and just want some excitement.

in reality, i am so over him already.
he is so yesterday.

so, i have removed him from my bbm contact list...


i miss my hubby


i am missing my husband.

abang, saya rindu....