Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunch @RnR

We stopped by at the RnR for lunch. My girls followed me. I bought nasi, ikan goreng, sayur and sambal belacan with kuah ikan patin. I dont like the ikan patin. The girls kept on asking, cukup ke duit ma? Cukup, sayang. My food cost RM6. Girl 1 just had nasi and sayur with kuah asam pedas, RM2. Share ikan goreng ma, she said. Girl 2 had ma**i hotcup for RM2. Habis RM10. Then I minta duit untuk beli air. Rupanya, husband just gave RM10. I thought he gave us RM20. No wonder my girls kept asking if the money was enough for our meals. Haha..baru I faham. Husband said, RM5 sorang. Sampai hati not to include me in the matematik.
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