Saturday, December 10, 2011

Money Talk

This month is going to be a difficult month for me. Money wise that is. The annual insurance premium for the children, replacement of the tyres for the car, spending spree for the children during school holidays. I also bought a property recently. I have to dig into my savings as the amount is touching 150K. For a person like me that is a lot. Alhamdulillah, I dont have to 'borrow' my children's money. That would be the last resort though. The investment I made using the little money that I have is beginning to show some good returns ;) Thanks to Honey, my exclassmate who acts as my financial advisor. I feel comfortable talking about money issues with Honey as she helps me with the financial planning for my children. I want them to start saving and investing early. I am trying to help them have a good head start in life. At least kalau nak kawin tu(for my boy) adalah duit. Takut nanti nak kawin tak berduit- buat maksiat pulak....
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