Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu

i had a very nice mothers day celebration. the children did some very sweet gestures. they baked me a cake and gave me some roses.

we also had potluck at my mum's place. i brought some pulut kuning and rendang pedas ayam kampung. as usual mrG was too busy to come along. he explained about his very tight schedule and the fact that he could not spare the time to join the gathering. FINE

i took my kids there. we had a pleasant trip. we enjoyed the sumptuous food and wonderful company. my mom was very happy that her children took the time to be with her on the special day. the fact that mrG was not there gave us the opportunity to spend more time with the relatives. if mrG ada, lepas makan terus balik. wajib macam tu.

when my mom and adik beradik asked why mrG did not come, i simply told them the truth. mr G was BUSY FULLSTOP

nobody asked about him anymore. they just kirim salam to him.

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