Monday, September 19, 2011

unconditional love

are parents given the option to stop caring for their children? i dont think so. if you dont like your wife, you can do something about it. if you dont like your child (perangai) he/she will always remain your child.

you cannot simply say, "i dont care about you anymore. i have done you do whatever you want..."

for me, you must never give up on your child no matter what. keep on praying that he will eventually take the correct path. always shower your child with love. let you child know that you are always there for him.

you dont go to the bank and withdrew all the savings that you have under his name...

i have this formula that all my children must have savings that is more than their age ( kalau 10 tahun, mesti ada 10K).

i am taking care of the savings of three quarter of my children and the remaing quarter is under husband's responsibility. i make sure their savings semua exceed their age including the one in college. in fact the eldest dah buat haji pun using own savings and the balance pun still lebih the age.

however, the child under husband's responsibility is not that fortunate. as a punishment for him, husband had withdrawn a big chunk of his savings. now his duit tinggal ciput aje.

i am very disappointed with husband's action. how could he?

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Aku said...

I nak guna formula tu...