Friday, June 17, 2011


what a tiring day. been away. just got back. had to cancel my appointment tomorrow. kena buat visa for my business trip next week. ingatkan boleh travel agent buatkan tapi was informed that the applicant kena hadir personally.

i casually asked mrG if he is free tomorrow morning. minta tolong temankan ke XHighCom. he quickly answered that he has an important meeting next monday. got a lot of things to prepare. couldn't spare his precious time. la next monday. ample time to do whatever preparation he needs. hhmmm...fine. ok.

i quickly googled map the place and have a good idea how to get there. semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan.

i am actually "istimewa". my sense of direction is so horrible. bearing harubiru. mungkin disebabkan oleh kekuranga zat semasa kecil:)) dalam bangunan pun boleh sesat. i bought myself a gps device early this year. i seldom use. i still prefer to use the physical map.

InsyaAllah i will be ok tomorrow.

Laaa...sapa pulak offkan wifi ni...

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