Friday, June 10, 2011

huhh, i just got back from my facial treat at the salon. guess who i saw on the way was my very first crush, Is aka x-bf. how come i am so sure it was him?

hmm...actually i have been his stalker on fb for quite sometime. i just stop doing that for the fear of being discovered. from his fb profile pic, i know how he looks like now, a typical malay pakcik. when i saw him just now, he was wearing dark trousers and short sleeved shirt. slightly berisi that before. still very tall and still has the same deep set kuyu eyes. same mouth. how could i forget his features :). i was trying to find a parking spot and that stopped me from calling out his name. saje nak tengok menoleh ke tak!

he was wearing ketayap. yes, in his fb profile picture, he is also wearing ketayap. i guess, he has become more pious now. good. i have no intention to disturb him. from his fb profile, i know we live in the same city. i am just wondering who is he married to. i didn't get that info from his fb profile.

now what...nothing.


Aku said...

Aku suka baca blog ni sebab bila aku baca, aku terasa muda bercinta semula...

spider said...